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Thycotic Unix Protection

Enforce UNIX/Linux least privilege, control, and manage SSH Keys

Unix Protection Overview

Available as part of Thycotic Secret Server, Thycotic Unix Protection makes root access to your endpoints less all-encompassing – and considerably more secure.

Just restrict the commands that can be executed based on your policies, user identities, and what is absolutely necessary for productivity.

From the familiar Thycotic Secret Server interface, you can:

Icon - Least Privilege
Enforce least privilege for UNIX/Linux superusers

Icon - Restrict
Restrict the commands that a given user can execute

Icon - Risk Prevention
Reduce the risk of insider misuse or accidental error

Icon - Reporting
Report on your rule-based command whitelisting for compliance

So you can delegate administration without managing sudo files or handing over widespread root access.

UNIX servers and endpoints are a major threat

for both insider and external attacks


of breaches involve compromised endpoints


average cost of a data security breach


protection offered by your anti-virus systems


protection offered by your firewalls

By enforcing least privileged, you can control what users and admins can do with their privileged access, even on your UNIX/Linux servers and endpoints.

Give root access with confidence

and without blanket privileged access

Unix Protection doesn’t ask you to work with individual sudo files or ask your users to change how they work. It just gives you a way to limit what root access really means.

Let some users restart the database and read log files. Restrict who can reset user passwords. And, however you define your policies, keep a check on how credentials are being used with complete monitoring, recording, and auditing.

Unix Protection gives you:

Granular UNIX root control
With SSH command whitelisting to restrict available commands based on roles.

Enterprise-grade scalability
with a comprehensive policy and point of control, not individual sudo files.

Accurate auditing and reporting
on how commands are being used and each user’s level of privilege on your devices.

Improved Active Directory management
by enabling UNIX admins to centrally manage and provision UNIX accounts linked to AD.

Increased compliance
with regulation for UNIX Superuser Privilege Management (SUPM).

Secret Server integration
for easier administration, reporting, and secure single sign-on.

Protecting UNIX devices against malicious applications

and making entire networks more secure.

I can rest a lot easier knowing I’ve got my endpoints secure.

– IT Director of Security and Operations

We love Thycotic support. Thycotic is a large company with a small company feel.

– Darin Wimbrough, Systems Manager, SAAB Defense and Security USA LLC

In my 16 years in the business, Thycotic has been the best experience.

– Michael Muto, Systems Architect, Duquesne University

Take more control of UNIX superusers.

Download your free trial of Thycotic Unix Protection now.