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Putting people at the centre of security

usecure Overview

Growing a culture of cyber security awareness can be expensive, complicated and – worse – it doesn’t work. Advice goes unadopted, new skills are quickly forgotten, and users remain the weakest part of your security stack.

Developed by infosec specialists, usecure is a uniquely user-focused platform for every aspect of security awareness.

With smart automation and deep personalisation, it’s a way to give users targeted content they’ll stay engaged with, useful ways to put skills into practice, and report on how improved training is impacting your risk.


Intelligent cyber security awareness training

Users only embrace new skills and practices when they’re digestible, relevant and reinforced continuously. usecure doesn’t just bring together a library of authoritative content – it delivers targeted learning based on individual users, as well as tools like simulated phishing to put new strategies to the test.

All in a single platform that’s deployed in as little as 10 minutes.

Turning your weakest link

into your strongest defence

Beyond technical expertise and a track record of innovation in automation, what sets usecure apart is a focus on people.

The usecure team has developed a powerful platform that makes sense for users. It’s delivered as a flexible, cloud-based solution that makes sense for business decision-makers.

And it’s available with annual or month-to-month licensing that makes sense for resellers and managed service providers.