A complete stack of IT security
to keep your business safe

IT Security

Sophisticated threats. Growing IT footprints. A connected, mobile and remote workforce. The world of IT security gets more complicated year-on-year. But the goal remains simple: keep your data, systems and people safe so you can perform, compete and grow.

At Alpha Gen, we make security refreshingly straightforward with a suite of complementary technologies backed by our specialist know-how. We’ve used our expertise to assemble the very best security on the market.

So whether you know the challenges you’re facing or don’t know where to begin, it’s easier to plan your next step and protect your business.

IT Security


Take an in-depth approach to identifying your users, restricting access to your systems and data while keeping productivity high.

Data Security & Encryption

Strike the balance between accessibility and security with security that focuses on the sensitive data you’re trying to protect.


From PCs and laptops to mobile devices, secure every endpoint against threats like malware, ransomware and data leakage.

Least Privilege & Application Control

Eliminate unnecessary privileges on your endpoints, reducing the potential impact of insider misuse, application vulnerabilities and external threats.


Get firewalls, DDoS protection and Unified Threat Management that’s built for the scale and sophistication of today’s attacks.

Privileged Access & Password Management

Bring clarity, control and accountability to your privileged accounts and your most important end-user passwords.

Security Awareness Training

Turn your people into a powerful layer of IT security with targeted, relevant training they’ll actually adopt and use every day.


Secure your web applications and websites at every stage of development – from testing to launch and beyond.

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