Wave goodbye to passwords with
easy-to-use biometric authentication

Hitachi VeinID Five

Built on tried-and-tested finger vein authentication technology, Hitachi VeinID Five Windows Password Replacement turns any webcam into a fast, accurate biometric authentication tool.

When people need to access Windows 10, Microsoft 365 or Active Directory, they simply show the palm of their hand. So you can restrict access and authenticate identities without the risk, sharing and frustrations of managing passwords.

Hitachi VeinID Five Windows Password Replacement Biometric Authentication

Reduce your risks with stronger biometric authentication

Control access

Put your systems behind a wall of biometric authentication that’s 100% unique and individual.

Keep people productive

No more forgotten passwords – just a quick five second scan.

Integrate security

Hitachi VeinID Five can be integrated with everything from physical access controls to Microsoft Windows.

Encrypt credentials

Keep your actual login credentials secure with AES 256-bit encryption.

How it works

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It’s not just that Hitachi VeinID Five is clever technology. It’s that it makes biometric authentication something that’s accessible, affordable and available to more businesses.

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