Streamline customer experiences while
verifying and securing identities

Ubisecure Identity Platform

Available on-premise, in the cloud or hybrid, Ubisecure Identity Platform is comprehensive Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) that integrates identities with all your services and devices.

From log in to controlling access and managing profiles, Ubisecure gives you proven identity management that works for internal and external users alike. So you can comply with privacy regulations, create better user experiences and keep your services, systems and data secure.

Ubisecure Identity Platform

Create more efficient and effective user journeys

Secure your data

Control access with centralised identity management, single sign-on, multi-factor authentication and more.

Empower your users

Give employees, customers and partners a way to verify identities that doesn’t become an obstacle to getting things done.

Stay compliant

Meet requirements like GDPR by centralising identity data and giving users more control over the information you hold.

Integrate identity management

Ubisecure is built for seamless integration, letting you bring robust access controls to your own services and applications.

How it works

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Ubisecure is about more than verifying identities. It’s a way to strengthen security while automating the manual processes that come with managing personal data.

Andy Sherwood
Channel Account Manager

Why Ubisecure Identity Platform?

Get feature-rich IAM that’s proven at a nationwide scale and available in a choice of deployments.


The most cost-effective way to build identity management into your web, mobile and desktop applications. All fully managed to make your life easier.

Identity Cloud

Bring consistency to user identities with a remote Identity Platform deployment, hosted by a local reseller in a datacentre of your choice.

Identity Server

Take complete control of your Ubisecure Identity Platform implementation with an on-premise deployment – ideal for the strictest regulatory compliance.

Trusted by enterprises and government organisations

Secure your user identities

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