Disarm the threats that
detection-based security misses

Bromium Secure Platform

Built for a world where new malware specimens appear every 4.2 seconds, Bromium Secure Platform disarms every threat – even if it’s never been seen before.

Every browser tab, file and email is launched in its own secure container with no access to the wider endpoint or network. Then, when your users are finished, the entire container is destroyed. So malware can never cause damage or disruption – and your users can click with confidence.

Bromium Secure Platform screenshot

Isolate threats in hardware-enforced micro-virtual machines

Contain everything

Bromium is just like having a disposable laptop that you throw away whenever you’re finished.

Start learning

Let malware and ransomware safely execute in the container and learn from what it tries to do.

Lightweight virtualisation

Keep the user experience fast and responsive with extremely lightweight micro-VMs that keep endpoint performance high.

Stay secure

Protect against every threat, from spear phishing to Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), zero-day exploits and application vulnerabilities.

How it works

Get the datasheet to see how Bromium gets you ahead of evolving malware specimens.

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Bromium is the definition of what we mean by proactive security. It’s a radically different approach to malware and one that works, without fail, every single time.

Adam Davies
Head of Service Delivery

Why Bromium Secure Platform?

Get comprehensive protection across the web, your email and your files.

No adoption issues

Security only works if it’s well-adopted by the people who use it. But Bromium is always-on – there’s no need to train your users or hope they diligently follow your policies.

Complete coverage

The platform includes Bromium Secure Browsing for the web, Bromium Secure Files for email attachments and downloads, and Bromium Secure Monitoring for real-time intelligence.

Zero reported escapes

Bromium’s industry-leading containers work consistently and reliably. Over two billion Micro-VMs have been launched – and not one has been successfully breached.

Bromium is the most significant
advancement in security in decades.

Bob Bigman
Former CISO, CIA

Get ahead of every threat

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