Spot the signs of malware,
ransomware and zero-day vulnerabilities

Stormshield Endpoint Security

Designed to tackle previously unknown threats, Stormshield Endpoint Security lets you restrict and audit behaviour on your workstations and servers.

After establishing what secure behaviour looks like, you’ll get instant alerts and an automated response the moment suspicious activity starts. So you can stop malware in its tracks and keep your users behaving safely and securely.

Stormshield Endpoint Security

Get real-time protection on every endpoint

Define normal

Set a baseline of allowed and disallowed behaviour that matches your security policies.

Find the abnormal

Get instant alerts or automatic responses like quarantining the endpoint in the event of unusual behaviour.

Isolate your endpoints

Keep critical systems disconnected from the internet with full offline functionality.

Fight insider threats

Restrict behaviour to reduce your risk of accidental or intentional data leaks.

How it works

Read the datasheet to see how you can get complete, contextual protection.

Thomas Coleman Photo

What makes Stormshield Endpoint Security special is its adaptability. It brings behaviour-based security to every device – even those offline, legacy systems that aren’t covered by other technologies.

Thomas Coleman
Product Manager

Why Stormshield Endpoint Security?

Get endpoint security that doesn’t make life harder for your team.

Lightweight deployment

With no signature database, Stormshield Endpoint Security comes with a remarkably low performance overhead.

Flexible configuration

With an easy to alter security policy, Stormshield Endpoint Security can be tailored to match your individual needs.

Mobile protection

With full offline support, Stormshield Endpoint Security keeps your mobile devices as safe as your in-house workstations.

Certified to the highest standards

Get proactive endpoint protection

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Sell Stormshield Endpoint Security

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