Remove the local admin rights
that malware and ransomware exploit

Thycotic Privilege Manager

Deployed in minutes, Thycotic Privilege Manager lets you discover and control how privileged credentials are being used on your endpoints.

From a single, lightweight agent on each machine, you can remove unnecessary privileges, allow or disallow applications and enforce tailored policies. All with a view to maintaining least privilege and restricting the potential impact of malware, ransomware or misused credentials.

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Build your own least privilege policies

Discover admin accounts

Identify every account and application that uses admin privileges, even on non-domain machines.

Define trust levels

Blacklist, whitelist and greylist your applications and processes to automatically run, sandbox or block them.

Remove unnecessary privileges

Least privilege management means the impact of malware and ransomware is minimised.

Drive productivity

Help your team stay productive with appropriate privileges as-and-when they actually need them.

How it works

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Least privilege management is important, but nobody adopts it if it’s difficult. We love Privilege Manager because it makes the entire process easy – and that makes it more sustainable.

Matthew Boyce
Implementation Engineer

Why Thycotic Privilege Manager?

Make your endpoints a powerful line of defence against cyber threats.

Automated discovery

Spend less time finding and identifying your applications using names, hashes and digital signatures.

Contextual intelligence

Privilege Manager enforces your policies based on contexts like the specific endpoint or who is running an application.

Flexible deployment

Launch Privilege Manager on-premise or in the cloud – whatever works for your compliance obligations.

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