Add Unix and Linux least privilege
to Thycotic Secret Server

Thycotic Unix Protection

A fully integrated addition, Thycotic Unix Protection extends the power of Thycotic Secret Server to your vital Unix systems.

Bringing SSH keys and SSH commands into Secret Server’s vault, you can limit what’s possible with root and privileged accounts. As a result, your users get the level of access they need to do their jobs – while you dramatically reduce the potential impact of a breach or misuse.

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Keep your high-value assets safe

Manage SSH keys

Generate new pairs securely and enforce policies like rotation or uniqueness.

Whitelist commands

Guarantee frustration-free access to the commands your users need every day.

Log everything

Use session recording to see who is using commands – and why.

Implement least privilege

Apply least privilege to root accounts, eliminating unnecessary commands and functionality.

How it works

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Unix servers often house the most sensitive information, yet have the weakest security. Thycotic Unix Protection makes root access less of a skeleton key that’s ready to be abused.

Matthew Boyce
Implementation Engineer

Why Thycotic Unix Protection?

Protect your Unix systems against breaches, insider threats and accidental misuse.

Effortless management

Unix Protection fits into your existing Secret Server dashboard – no need to learn a confusing new tool or interface.

Save time and money

Reduce the burden of account management issues related to your Unix systems and servers.

Demonstrate compliance

Use detailed auditing and reporting to show how your super-users are managed and governed.

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