Get DDoS protection that
can keep up with today's attacks

Corero SmartWall TDS

With huge scalability and breath-taking speed, the Corero SmartWall Threat Defense System (TDS) is a range of appliances to keep your network safe and your business uninterrupted.

As potentially damaging DDoS attacks continue to rise, Corero SmartWall TDS gives you automated, real-time monitoring and mitigation. So you can eliminate downtime, maintain service levels and get 100% visibility with detailed reporting and analytics.

Corero Smartwall TDS

Keep all your traffic clean

Detect in real time

Scan incoming data fast with 1-10Gbps full-duplex performance in a single rack – ideal for short burst attacks.

Block malicious traffic

Unlike outdated remote scrubbing, Corero SmartWall TDS steps in to deflect attack traffic instantly.

Protect every layer

Fight modern DDoS threats with coverage across Layers 3-7 for surgical TCP and UDP flood attacks.

Maximise your return

Choose from Corero’s comprehensive range to find the right match for your budget and your business.

Compare the range

Get your Corero SmartWall TDS datasheet to compare available appliances and learn more about Corero’s best-of-breed DDoS mitigation.

Thomas Coleman Photo

It’s not just big financial institutions – anyone is a potential DDoS target. We partnered with Corero because they understand the need for sophisticated protection that’s simple and straightforward to manage.

Thomas Coleman
Product Manager

Why Corero SmartWall TDS?

Get purpose-built DDoS protection that eliminates bad traffic while keeping legitimate traffic moving.

No more downtime

With DDoS protection as fast as your network and potential attacks, downtime is a thing of the past.

Simple management

Create all your policies and manage your devices with SmartWall Central Management Server.

Smarter reporting

Use SecureWatch Analytics to analyse traffic from all your SmartWall appliances through one central interface.

Add an extra layer of defence

Support your Corero SmartWall TDS appliance with SmartWall Network Bypass – a failsafe for
network connectivity if your frontline equipment suddenly becomes unavailable.

High-performance DDoS protection

maximum throughput
attack mitigation reaction time
compact form factor

Get precision DDoS protection

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