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Zyxel Network Security

Designed for small businesses, Zyxel’s range of firewalls combine powerful technology with the service and expertise you need to stay secure.

Across your entire network, wireless and remote connections, get a right-sized hardware appliance that protects every connection and all your traffic. Then add flexible features to suit your employees, wherever and however they work. It’s targeted protection that’s endlessly adaptable and refreshingly easy to use.

Zyxel USGFlex Series

Protect your entire network with Zyxel

Find your perfect fit

Choose between secure VPN access, competitively priced firewalls with multi-layer protection, or Advanced Threat Protection for the ultimate in control.

Create targeted security

Add the features that matter to your business, from web content filtering to location-based enforcement.

Control your budget

With a range of appliances based on your number of users and bandwidth, there’s a Zyxel appliance for every kind of business.

Stay ahead of new threats

With an open approach to threat data and free firmware upgrades included as standard, you’ll always be ahead of the curve.

How it works

Get your datasheet to see how Zyxel makes enterprise-grade network security accessible to businesses of every shape and size.

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Zyxel makes it easy to secure all the ways people use networks. It’s not just local filtering, but a complete range of solutions for remote workers, cloud services and more. All in the same easy to use, cost-effective devices.

Thomas Coleman
Product Manager

Why Zyxel?

Get the right kind of network security for your business, your budget, and all the ways your employees need to work.

VPN Series


Secure your connection to the world with an advanced VPN firewall that’s easy to install and use.

• Multiple connection types including SSL and IPsec
• Compatible with cloud services including Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services
• Monitor and control connections with SD-WAN
• Up to 350 users



Get multi-layered protection including threat filters, anti-malware and intrusion prevention.

• Detect threats in seconds with cloud query express mode
• Integrated intelligence from cybersecurity leaders
• Boost firewall performance by up to 125%
• Up to 800 users

ATP Series


Block, learn from and prevent Advanced Persistent Threats with one evolving security ecosystem.

• Multi-layer protection against malware, suspicious traffic and more
• Harness the power of machine learning against zero-day threats
• Sandbox unknown executables to analyse and identify threats
• Up to 500 users

Award-winning firewalls for every kind of business

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