Bring control and consistency
to all your service accounts

Thycotic Account Lifecycle Manager

From discovery to decommissioning, Thycotic Account Lifecycle Manager helps you govern the non-human accounts your business depends on.

By implementing consistent workflows, you can treat your service accounts with the same diligence and scrutiny as your other sensitive credentials. So you’ll always know where they are, how they’re used and whether they’re actually needed or just creating a new risk.

Thycotic Account Lifecycle Manager

Control the entire account lifecycle

Define workflows

Lay out what best practice looks like at every stage of the account lifecycle.

Understand usage

Discover what your service accounts are used for and whether they’re truly necessary.

Create accountability

Define owners who are responsible for maintaining and monitoring your service accounts.

Hassle-free decommissioning

Remove unnecessary service accounts with confidence that they won’t affect your systems or applications.

How it works

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Account Lifecycle Manager is a long overdue answer to a problem that’s often invisible – sprawling service accounts that are just waiting to be exploited.

Paul Araujo
Channel Account Manager

Why Thycotic Account Lifecycle Manager?

Get a first-of-its-kind tool to organise, manage and secure all your service accounts.

An explosive risk

Managing service accounts by hand is impossibly time consuming. That’s why service accounts are sprawling at an alarming rate.

Deep automation

From discovery to provisioning, automation saves you time and energy throughout the account lifecycle.

Cloud deployment

You focus on managing your service accounts while we focus on managing and maintaining your software.

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