Give your users a quick and easy
self-service password reset tool

Thycotic Password Reset Server

A fast, secure way to reset Active Directory passwords, Thycotic Password Reset Server makes life easier for users and IT teams alike.

No more calls to the helpdesk – users just verify their identities, reset their own passwords, and get back to business. So your IT teams can spend more of their time on what really matters and your staff can stay productive.

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Simple, straightforward password resets

Save time

Let your users reset their own passwords or unlock Active Directory accounts – no need to involve the helpdesk.

Stay secure

Balance security and convenience with phone or text message authentication to verify user identities.

Enforce your policies

Enforce password rotation and complexity with certainty that forgotten changes can quickly be resolved.

Consolidate information

Give your users the tools to update their own Active Directory attributes for more consistent records.

Free trial

See how much easier password management can be with your free 30 day trial.

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Not everything we sell needs to be a risk-reducing game-changer. Password Reset Server is just a straightforward, elegant answer to a problem that every business faces.

Kelly Bossons
Business Development Manager

Why Thycotic Password Reset Server?

Get a trusted password reset tool that genuinely makes life easier.

Automated enrolment

On-board every account instantly or start with a subset of accounts – whatever you need.

Integrated policies

Your users can reset their passwords in a web browser or directly in the Windows log-in screen.

Easy to use

Password Reset Server is uncompromisingly simple – not another burden on your busy IT teams.

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