The easiest way to find, control
and secure your privileged accounts

Thycotic Secret Server

Available on-premise or in the cloud, Thycotic Secret Server lets you secure, track and audit the powerful accounts that attackers try to exploit.

Refreshingly easy to use, it’s a way to discover service, application and admin accounts, secure their passwords in an encrypted vault, and monitor who is using them. So you can spot breaches or insider threats sooner and protect the keys to your most important systems, devices and data.

Thycotic Secret Server

Find and secure every privileged account

Know your risk

Find every privileged account, from hardware defaults to individual users.

Encrypt everything

Store privileged credentials in a 256-bit AES encrypted vault where access is strictly controlled.

Monitor access

See who is using privileged accounts, when and why – and spot unusual behaviour.

Stay compliant

Get the visibility you’re missing and enforce policies like password rotation with confidence.

How it works

Get your Secret Server datasheet now to see how to defend your accounts from hackers and insider threats.

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Privileged accounts are by far hackers’ favourite targets. We love Secret Server because it’s the easiest way to secure them, whether you’re a small firm or huge enterprise.

Paul Araujo
Channel Account Manager

Why Thycotic Secret Server?

Be confident that every single account is known, audited and secure.

A timely technology

Secret Server tackles one of the biggest challenges businesses face today – privileged credentials are involved in over 80% of breaches.

Practical policies

With better visibility, you can apply policies like password rotation and complexity without making it harder for your team to do their jobs.

Consistent capability

Whether you choose Secret Server in the cloud or on-premise, you’ll never have to compromise on features and functionality.

Add Unix protection to Thycotic Secret Server

See how to restrict Unix commands with management
and reporting from the familiar Secret Server dashboard

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Protect the keys to your kingdom

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