Give your people the skills they need
to keep your business safe

usecure Cyber Security Awareness Training

From bite-sized courses to simulated phishing exercises, usecure is your complete toolkit for measuring and improving your employee’s security skills.

More than jargon-free cyber security courses and testing, it’s smart, tailored content that your people will actually use, supported by phishing simulation to put new skills to the test. So you can be sure your frontline is keeping your sensitive data and systems safe.

usecure Cyber Security Awareness Training

Drive cyber security best practice

Appraise your workforce

Benchmark every user with a quick and easy risk score.

Target training

Deliver bite-sized online courses that fit key areas for development.

Manage your policies

Get up-and-running fast with ready-to-use templates for common policies.

Stay secure

Reduce your risk with your users acting as a vital line of defence.

How it works

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Thomas Coleman Photo

We’ve all had those unbearable all-day training sessions. usecure works because it lets people learn skills they’ll use in a way that’s more engaging. And that makes it more impactful.

Thomas Coleman
Product Manager

Why usecure?

Get policy management, phishing simulation, end-user training, risk scoring and more in one platform.


  • An extensive training library
  • Tailored courses delivered using powerful automation
  • Mobile-ready and available from anywhere


  • Intuitive phishing simulation
  • Real-time risk assessments
  • See open, click and compromise rates per test


  • Check for known exposed email accounts
  • Report on shared compromised passwords


  • Custom policy management
  • Ready-made policy templates
  • Microsoft Word and G Suite support

Risk Score

  • Per-user risk scores
  • Change and improvement reporting


  • Detailed training and engagement reports
  • Automated management summaries

Empowering end-users worldwide

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