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Proactive Partner Support

Everything you need to make the most of the

evolving security market



Helping resellers meet the demand for better security.

The need for security isn’t something unusual. Across every vertical, people are looking for ways to protect against the latest threats. To minimise their exposure. And to do it all without huge capital expense or crippling levels of management.

At Alpha Generation, we select our vendors based on this real customer demand. And we give our resellers all the support they need to meet that demand with the best possible products.

Supporting resellers

With expert guidance and practical help.

Ongoing Partner Training

Across sales and support, you’ll always be armed with the information you need to help your customers.
And reach new ones.

Enablement tools

Everything you need to launch new products in your business, then educate, inform, and convert prospects into customers.

Marketing Campaigns

The sort of marketing that keeps business moving. Without the headache and expense of creating it yourself.

Actionable leads

Leads created by us, all you need to do is follow-up, close the deal, and reap the rewards.

Deal Registration and Protection

Your hard work means everything to us. So we’ll make sure you’re always fairly compensated for everything you do.

Astute Licensing

Complicated agreements and sprawling software inventories put every one of your customers at risk of licence non-compliance.

With Astute Licensing, you can offer a platform that removes that risk entirely and create new opportunities to save money with better intelligence around how software is purchased.


If your customers are tired of buying and implementing endpoint security that relies on signature-based detection that still gets breached, perhaps it’s time you introduced them to Bromium.

Bromium Secure Platform is a fresh approach to endpoint security that instantly disarms any malware threat by isolating the application attack vector in a secure micro-VM that the malware cannot escape and is unable to cause harm.

It’s truly game changing endpoint security that your customers will love.


Your customers are potential DDoS targets. Every single one of them.

With Corero, they get sophisticated DDoS detection and mitigation. Complete real-time visibility and intelligent analytics.

All in a compact ¼ W 1RU appliance with long-term scalability.


Give your customers award-winning Data Loss Prevention (DLP) that covers every device, every operating system, and every platform.

Available in a choice of deployment options, Endpoint Protector is a cross-platform solution that inter grates with the network improve device control, automatically finds and encrypts sensitive data on endpoints, and more.


Bring best-in-class biometrics to your customers and make weak passwords a thing of the past.

Hitachi Hand Gesture Authentication uses innovative finger vein recognition to authenticate users quickly, easily and cost effectively.


Give your customers auditing and monitoring that’s scalable enough to cover all unstructured data – and cost-effective enough to deliver real value.

LepideAuditor is a high-margin solution that gives your customers a centralised place to monitor their data, automated alerts if sensitive data is accessed or altered, and ready-made reporting to support compliance.

Snow Software

Give your customers visibility and control over their software assets and hardware devices – whether they’re on the network, virtualised, or in the cloud.

Snow Software’s suite of complementary products fit together to create a comprehensive Software Asset Management (SAM) solution, from building a detailed asset inventory to optimising assets and reducing compliance risk.


Thycotic’s products are essential tools that address issues your customers already know about.

They provide protection for privileged accounts, making passwords more secure and actions more accountable.

Meanwhile, they reduce the burden on help desks to reset passwords or manage Active Directory groups, cutting costs.


Give your customers targeted and tailored training for cyber security awareness.

usecure is a complete learning platform with bite-sized courses, simulated phishing, per-user risk scores and more. All available in one solution with flexible licensing options.