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Become a BlackStratus Partner

Your customers already know their logs matter.
BlackStratus makes them more meaningful.

Most IT teams already know that their logs could play a key role in staying secure and meeting the demands of compliance. But it’s a time-consuming, resource-intensive process to capture, consolidate, analyse, and report on the data generated by every device.

BlackStratus offers a suite of systems – both physical rack-mounted units and virtual appliances – to make the deluge of data more manageable, including:

And, thanks to BlackStratus’ extensive experience working closely with MSPs, MSSPs and enterprises, they’re all tailored to the real-world issues that your customers are facing.

Innovation meets experience.

For powerful yet practical solutions.

Like most security specialists, BlackStratus prides itself on innovation. But there’s something unusual about the way the company approaches new ideas.

They’re not innovations designed solely to impress. The lightning-fast EPS rate isn’t just a conveniently bold claim. These are innovations in the areas that enterprises and MSPs care about most. After all, BlackStratus has been working with them for more than fifteen years.

So when your customers choose BlackStratus, they get the functionality they need – where it matters most.

Partner with BlackStratus.

To give your customers sophisticated log management and SIEM.

Working with BlackStratus, you can give your customers powerful log management, SIEM, and compliance reporting – all in the cloud, in a data centre or on-premise. And you’ll get the support you need to sell, including:

  • Partner Portal access with useful resources including marketing materials and sales tools
  • Deal registration so you’re always rewarded for your hard work
  • Hands-on sales support
  • Access to on-demand technical expertise

All with the added advantage of Alpha Generation’s UK channel insight.