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Become a Corero Partner

Your customers are DDoS targets.
Corero keeps them protected.

It’s easier than ever to launch a sophisticated, large-scale Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. But as Tier 1 providers bolster their defences, attackers are turning to targets further down the chain.

Corero SmartWall is a suite of appliances to help organisations detect, mitigate, and analyse DDoS attacks, including:

  • The SmartWall Network Threat Defense Appliance
  • The SmartWall Network Forensics Appliance

They’re compact, ¼ W 1RU appliances designed for modular deployment and long-term scalability. So your customers can get the detection and protection they need now, and grow their defence over time.

Advanced DDoS detection and protection.

Available to all organisations.

Corero is an established pioneer in the field of DDoS detection and protection. Its appliances are already used by internet service providers, hosting companies, and enterprises looking to defend their core infrastructure.

But the SmartWall family is made up of compact, convenient appliances that are easy to find space for. They’re flexible enough to meet the bandwidth requirements of any business. And they’re available at an extremely competitive price point.

So for anyone who wants to take a more proactive approach to DDoS protection, the most advanced, proven technology is in reach.

Partner with Corero

To give your customers advanced DDoS protection.

Working with Corero, you can give your customers maximum protection at the minimal cost. And you’ll get everything you need to help customers navigate the complicated world of data encryption, including:

  • Partner Portal access including marketing collateral, data sheets, training guides, and lead tracking
  • Deal registration so you’re always rewarded for your hard work
  • Co-marketing opportunities for qualified sales leads
  • Partner Playbook access to help you optimise your sales strategy
  • Technical support and managed first line of defence services

All with the added advantage of Alpha Generation’s UK channel insight.