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Become a Flexera Software Partner

Your customers already know that patching is important.

Without keeping applications up-to-date, organises expose themselves to risk. They give attackers a way in, and put entire networks in danger. And most people are already well-informed enough to know that.

So they start using a manual approach. Keeping track of all the third-party applications across the network. Struggling to keep on top of their vulnerabilities.

But things move too fast. This manual approach isn’t very manageable.

With Corporate Software Inspector and Vulnerability Intelligence Manager, you can give IT managers and heads of security the advantage of automation as they respond to application vulnerabilities.

An essential part of the security stack

That makes life easier for your end-users

Flexera Software and Secunia Research are companies built on knowledge. The team spends its time developing products, true, but also researching new threats. Exposing new vulnerabilities in leading applications.

It’s that knowledge – that insight – that’s led to an attractive portfolio of products. These are must-have defence against the most modern forms of attack.

They’re what anti virus and malware protection were a decade ago. Tools that no network should be without.

When you work with Flexera Software and Alpha Generation, you’ll be giving your customers the right product at the right time.

Partner with Flexera Software

And get the support you need to thrive

Working with Flexera Software gives you an award-winning product portfolio, with a range of exclusive partner benefits across three key areas.

All designed to help you do more business. And the more you do, the more benefits you’ll unlock.

All with the added advantage of Alpha Generation’s UK channel insight.

Sales benefits include:

  • Practical sales tools and collateral to help you educate your prospects
  • Expert sales training – on-site or on the web
  • Promotions and incentives managed by Alpha Generation
  • Ongoing lead generation. All you need to do is close
  • Deal registration so you’re always rewarded for your hard work

Marketing benefits include:

  • A regular partner newsletter to keep you in the loop
  • Promotional campaign collateral to help you reach new customers
  • Real world case studies to help your customers see the real world results of Flexera Software’s products
  • Opportunities for co-branding and exposure on Flexera Software’s website

Technical benefits include:

  • Technical webinars to improve your product knowledge
  • Evaluation software and not-for-resale keys – so you can showcase what Flexera Software can do
  • Priority technical support and customer service