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Become a Thycotic Partner

Your customers need advanced security. And that comes with automation.

When you’re keeping a network secure, time is everything. Administrators need to react fast to everything from password resets to how privileged accounts are being used. That’s how risk stays low. And costs do the same.

Thycotic’s products streamline and automate:

  • Privileged account management
  • End-user password reset
  • Self-service Active Directory Group Management

They’re essential tools for putting more control in the hands of end-users and reducing the burden on the IT department, while meeting the demands of compliance.

An issue that everyone faces

Solved by one leading vendor.

Thycotic’s products address needs you’ll find in every vertical. Not issues that are off in the distance, but the problems your customers are facing right now.

Most mid-sized businesses and enterprises already know that storing critical passwords in a spreadsheet doesn’t cut it. They’ve seen the potential consequences in huge corporate attacks.

At the same time, every organisation wants to reduce costs. Thycotic’s self-service password reset and Active Directory group management tools give them a way to do that without compromising on compliance.

Customers can already see the obstacles. Thycotic’s products deliver an ideal way to overcome them.

Partner with Thycotic

To meet the established demand for better identity and access management.

Working with Thycotic, you’ll get everything you need to capitalise on existing demand from your customers, including:

  • Access to a Partner Portal including useful materials to help you improve your product knowledge, inform your prospects, and close the sale
  • Free 30-day trials so you can showcase Thycotic’s products
  • Extensive support for you and your customers
  • Certification exams to improve and demonstrate your product expertise

All with the added advantage of Alpha Generation’s UK channel insight.