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Partner with Astute Licensing

Show your customers how to stamp out licencing non-compliance risk for good

Every one of your customers would love to find new ways to save money. When it comes to software licencing, you can make that a reality with Astute License Demand Management (AstuteLDM).

As an Astute Licensing partner, you’ll give your customers a comprehensive platform that eliminates risk in the place that Software Asset Management (SAM) tools can’t – the purchase and deployment of new software.

So people can come to you to:

  • Shift their approach to SAM from reactive to proactive
  • Remove the entire threat of unexpected – and expensive – software audits
  • Improve the way they plan and purchase software, eliminating waste
  • Make dramatic savings on their annual software spend
All in a platform that’s easy to use and effortlessly integrated with existing SAM tools and workflows.

Expand your SAM portfolio

with a complementary technology

If you’re already selling in the SAM space, becoming an Astute Licensing partner means you can provide your customers with coverage for the entire software life-cycle – not just discovering non-compliance that’s already happened, but preventing risk and predicting future requirements.

Astute Licensing is also partnered with SAM vendors your customers will recognise.

Partner with Astute Licensing

Tap into a market that’s searching for better SAM

As an Astute Licensing partner, you’ll sell AstuteLDM on a simple subscription-based model – ideal for building your recurring revenue. And you’ll get advice, support, and useful tools to help you sell AstuteLDM to your customers.

Astute Licensing partners get:

  • Access to demos so customers can see AstuteLDM in action
  • Webinars for you and your customers on sales, marketing, and using AstuteLDM
  • Deal registration to ensure you’re always rewarded for your hard work
  • Ongoing sales, marketing, and technical support
All with the added advantage of Alpha Generation’s UK channel insight.


Ready to partner with Astute Licensing?