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Partner with CoSoSys

Close the DLP gap in your customers’ security

From ransomware to vulnerability exploits, most businesses are focusing their cyber security efforts on external threats. But with so many data breaches coming from inside a business – either intentionally or accidentally – their security is missing a major issue.

With Endpoint Protector from CoSoSys, you can give your customers a flexible, modular way to:

  • Control everything users bring into the network across Windows, macOS, Linux, and mobile devices
  • Spot sensitive data that may be leaving the network – and stop it
  • Enforce encryption on USB devices to reduce the risk of data exposure

All with a choice of deployment options including both hardware and virtual appliances.

Simple enough for small businesses

and scalable enough for large enterprises

In a culture of compliance and headline stories about data leaks, big and small businesses alike are looking for ways to control the flow of data on multiple platforms and devices. But most enterprise DLP solutions are out of budget, while more affordable options are unable to provide coverage across every device and platform.

Endpoint Protector from CoSoSys is a flexible cross-platform solution that makes DLP accessible to all. You can give your customers a hardware appliance that’s ready to use out of the box, a virtual appliance that’s ready for integration, or a cloud deployment that’s quick and easy.

Whatever your customers need, partnering with CoSoSys means you have the answer.

Partner with CoSoSys

Give your customers comprehensive Data Loss Prevention

As a CoSoSys partner, you’ll get an award-winning solution that makes your customers’ lives easier and more secure at the same time.

CoSoSys partners also get:

  • Extensive live and online technical support
  • Access to Not for Resale and early release software
  • Sales and marketing training including competitive analysis
  • Deal registration

All with the added advantage of Alpha Generation’s leads and UK channel insight.

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