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Partner with Lepide

Give your customers effective data auditing and monitoring

Above all else, your customers need to know what’s happening with their data and critical systems. Who has access to sensitive data? When are they accessing it, and why? And how is it being changed, viewed or shared across your network and the cloud?

With LepideAuditor, you can give your customers a cost-effective, incredibly easy to use way to:

  • Get a consolidated view of their sensitive data and systems in one convenient dashboard
  • Create customised real-time alerts when data is modified, shared or accessed
  • Spot the signs of a breach faster, by focusing on behavioural trends and use of data
  • Prove compliance with standards like GDPR, SOX, PCI and HIPAA with pre-defined reports and automated distribution

So they can improve their security while dramatically reducing the risk of data leakage, privilege abuse and insider threats.

A sophisticated DCAP suite

that makes good business sense

Across their own premises and the cloud, businesses with a high volume of users face a major struggle in keeping track of permissions, systems access, and data. Only a data-centric approach will do – but it’s hard to find a middle-ground between costly solutions packed with features few will use and overly-streamlined packages that can’t cover every piece of unstructured data.

LepideAuditor is designed to deliver the maximum value at every stage. Not only is the suite cost-effective and easy to deploy, but with extensive automation, real-time alerting and ready-made reports that can be launched in a few clicks, it’s light on administration and ongoing management.

Partner with Lepide

Give your customers the visibility they need

As a Lepide partner, you’ll get an affordable-yet-powerful solution that fills an often overlooked – but much-needed – gap in your security portfolio. If you’re in compliance, security, or key verticals like finance, healthcare, education or the public sector, it’s an ideal addition.

Lepide partners also get:

  • Sales support and hands-on help to secure deals
  • An in-demand product with a good margin
  • Up-sell opportunities through additional services and support
  • Deal registration to make sure you’re rewarded for your efforts

All with the added advantage of Alpha Generation’s leads and UK channel insight.


Ready to partner with Lepide?

Ready to Partner with Lepide?

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