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Partner with Acunetix

Give your customers industry-leading web application vulnerability scanning

With Acunetix, give your customers an all-in-one platform that finds and removes the risks of internet-facing applications and services.

From smart scanning for known web application vulnerabilities to interactive testing and ongoing monitoring, it’s everything they need to discover, understand and eliminate risk.

So you can:

  • Give your customers a crucial layer of security that’s often missing
  • Meet the specific needs of customers in software development
  • Help people tackle major risks including SQL injections and code-related vulnerabilities

Interested in partnering with Acunetix? Call Alpha Gen on 01777 852222

Proven web vulnerability scanning

that you can tailor to your customers

While the Acunetix Vulnerability Scanner is the heart of every implementation, you can also add additional features and technologies to suit your individual prospects.

These include:

  • AcuSensor technology that turns Acunetix into a grey-box scanner
  • AcuMonitor, a way to detect out-of-band vulnerabilities
  • Network Security Scanner for network service and device coverage
  • Acunetix Integrations with third-party issue trackers and web application firewalls

Partner with Acunetix

Transform web application security for your customers

As an Acunetix partner, you won’t just give your customers a way to find website and web application vulnerabilities. You’ll give them one of the fastest, most accurate and most trusted options on the market.
Acunetix partners get:

  • Practical support to sell Acunetix on-premise or online
  • Sales support from the Acunetix team
  • Ready-made marketing assets to reach and nurture new leads
  • Deal registration to make sure you’re rewarded for your efforts

All with the added advantage of Alpha Generation’s leads and UK channel insight.

Ready to partner with Acunetix? Call Alpha Gen on 01777 852222.