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Partner with Hitachi

Make it easy for your customers to solve their password problems

Using passwords to authenticate users creates more problems than it solves. End-users are exhausted by all the credentials they need to juggle. They reuse and repurpose the same passwords in an effort to keep things simple. And it’s incredibly easy for those passwords to end up in the hands of attackers – all it takes is a glance over the shoulder.

With Hitachi Hitachi Hand Gesture Authentication, you can give your customers an alternative and bring them into the future of security. And, best of all, you can do so while removing barriers to entry – no special devices, no costly implementation and no complex management.

Become a Hitachi Hand Gesture Authentication partner to:

  • Meet growing demand for a lasting replacement to passwords
  • Show your customers that sophisticated biometrics can be simple
  • Help your customers improve their security while reducing password fatigue

Give your customers

the best of both worlds

Your customers are constantly juggling the need to improve security with the needs of their users. That’s why fingerprint and facial recognition fail to gain traction – they have a positive impact on security, but are often unwieldy and frustrating to use.

Finger vein technology is different. It’s not just accurate – it’s also surprisingly easy and flexible, with no dependence on special devices or specific locations and workstations.

As a result, Hitachi Hand Gesture Authentication is all advantage with no catches or restrictions. Just effective, innovative biometrics, available everywhere.

Partner with Hitachi Hand Gesture Authentication

Give your customers proven finger vein biometrics

As a Hitachi Hand Gesture Authentication partner, you can help your customers transform the way identities are authenticated – using technology that’s already been proven in major financial institutions, retail and more.

Hitachi Hand Gesture Authentication partners also get:

  • Ongoing support from the Hitachi team
  • Sales and technical training
  • Ready-made marketing assets to increase your customer base
  • Deal registration to make sure you’re rewarded for your efforts

All with the added advantage of Alpha Generation’s leads and UK channel insight.