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What does Secunia’s acquisition by Flexera mean for you?

What does Secunia’s acquisition by Flexera Software mean for you?

How Flexera’s Secunia Acquisition Changes the Application Vulnerability Landscape

In September 2015, Flexera acquired Secunia, one of our security vendors and a leading name in the fight against software vulnerabilities. In the months that have passed, you’ll have seen a few name changes and a different visual style to Secunia’s products.

But that’s just the start.

In fact, bringing Secunia under the banner of Flexera is more than a cosmetic change. The acquisition has a real impact on the application vulnerability landscape, creating a true software workflow from licensing and deployment to monitoring and patching.

The right tools for licensing, compliance, and installation…

Flexera knows applications and the headaches they can cause inside-out. The company is a leader in software licensing, compliance, installation, with a suite of products that aid compliance, remove the risk from software investments, and drive costs down.

Whenever an organisation is working with an application, a range of complicated issues come into play.

These include:

  • Discovering IT assets for comprehensive licensing
  • Finding licensing efficiencies to reduce costs
  • Packaging and deploying applications – physically, virtually, and on mobile platforms

Flexera’s AdminStudio line-up gives IT teams the tools they need to streamline the way applications are packaged and deployed. Meanwhile, FlexNet and FlexWrap offer powerful software license optimisation, allowing organisations to track and control application costs more effectively.

But what happens once applications are in the wild? The headaches don’t stop there.

… meet the smartest way to patch and update

Your applications are deployed and your licenses are closely monitored and controlled. But as your applications open new security vulnerabilities, there’s plenty of work still to be done.

That’s where the Secunia product portfolio comes in. If Flexera’s existing products are Software Asset Management (SAM), Secunia’s products – now rebranded under Flexera– are the tools people need for complete Software Vulnerability Management (SVM).

Crucially, bringing SAM and SVM makes strategic sense. After all, both of these application-centric disciplines depend on excellent inventory management, accurate visibility over first and third-party applications, and the efficient and timely deployment of new software.

What’s more, new vulnerability intelligence can feed back into other processes. For example, a team can understand security risks and their criticality when making decisions about inventory management and application deployment.

It’s a reciprocal relationship that now creates a seamless suite of products for working with applications at every stage of the lifecycle.

A complete Software Vulnerability Management suite

Flexera application vulnerability line-up now includes:

And, of course, it’s all still supported by Secunia Research, the leading source of up-to-the-minute verified vulnerability intelligence.

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