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Our Software Asset Management Vendors

Our SAM vendors deliver platforms that are proven to lower risk in the purchasing, management and usage of software.

While our IT security vendors reduce exposure to malicious insiders and outsiders, our SAM portfolio has been selected to reduce exposure to the risks of day-to-day business – sprawling software inventories, poor visibility, and inefficient purchasing.

So businesses know what’s being used, where it is, what it costs, and that they’re protected against waste and license non-compliance.

Astute LicensingAstute Licensing

Taking unnecessary expense and risk out of software licencing

Astute Licensing helps enterprises to end their licensing risks and stamp out the inefficiencies in the purchase and deployment of software. To date, the Astute platform has resulted in tens of millions of dollars of savings for organisations around the world – not to mention a coveted award for innovation in IT asset management.

Astute License Demand Management (AstuteLDM) eliminates licencing risk at the source, so you can take effective action earlier in the software life-cycle – not when a software audit and expensive true-up brings it to your attention. And use a well-defined software workflow to consolidate your requirements and make smarter decisions about purchasing.

It’s a way to close the gap that other SAM tools leave open.


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Snow SoftwareSnow Software

Bringing control to software assets

The largest dedicated developer of Software Asset Management (SAM) solutions, Snow Software gives businesses the visibility and control they need to right-size licensing, find new efficiency, and eliminate their risk.

Snow Software’s suite of products provide coverage for every asset in your estate – not just on-premise software, but cloud services and infrastructure, hardware devices, virtualisation and more. From creating your asset inventory to managing mobile devices, it’s everything you need to reclaim control over every asset.

And, in turn, to use that control to make assets more cost-effective, efficient, and compliant.


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