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Astute Licensing

Rethinking how you reduce your software licencing risk

With software vendors able to carry out software audits at any time, every organisation faces the ongoing risk of licence non-compliance and the potential of a six-figure true-up. Worse, sprawling estates with a blend of on-premise, conventionally-licenced software and cloud technology are harder than ever to control effectively.

Specialists in risk prevention and cost avoidance, Astute Licensing give enterprises an innovative, award-winning way to optimise their licencing to guarantee compliance.

And, working alongside your existing Software Asset Management tools, it’s a proactive approach that removes risk before it enters the estate – not when non-compliance is discovered by a later review or vendor audit.


Comprehensive software licence risk prevention

Eliminating risk and minimising cost doesn’t work if you only look at one part of the software lifecycle. Astute Licence Demand Management (AstuteLDM) gives you complete governance and visibility at the stages that matter most – purchase and deployment – and rich reporting to help you make informed decisions about your current and future spending.

So you can remove the risk of a costly licencing true-up – and optimise your software spend to achieve real savings sooner.
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A consistent track-record

in cost-savings by enhancing SAM tools

Since 2014, Astute Licensing has been developing its own platform to enhance SAM, closing the gaps that other tools miss. And while the approach is innovative and exciting, it’s the results that are really impressive.

In just a few short years, the team has achieved over half a billion dollars of cost avoidance at list price, and tens of millions in savings for enterprises.

Even better, these are savings that will continue far into the future as organisations retain the level of control, governance, and visibility they need.

$20 million+

invested in SAM tool-sets and migration projects

Present in 40+ countries

organisations of every size and scale