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Reduce your risk and tackle licence non-compliance at the source

Across the data-centre, SaaS, and cloud, Astute License Demand Management (AstuteLDM) is an innovative platform that does what most Software Asset Management (SAM) tools can’t – helps you identify and eliminate risk before it enters your estate.

Instead of playing catch-up, AstuteLDM gets you ahead of licence non-compliance and overspend by bringing governance and control into your procurement and installation process. Managing licences becomes as simple as working with a crystal-clear, clutter-free interface where everything’s in one place and every purchase follows a well-defined workflow.

With AstuteLDM, you can:

Icon - Stop

Stop the risk of licence non-compliance before it enters your business

Icon - Reduce Spend

Optimise the way you buy software licences to reduce your spend

Icon - Predict

Forecast your future usage to plan for ongoing compliance

Icon - Visibility

Get complete visibility with convenient reporting and alerting

It’s the missing element of SAM tools – and a way to break the costly cycle of falling in and out of compliance.

Poor visibility and control

leads to risk, over-licencing, and waste

$389 billion

estimated global spend on enterprise software in 2018

Source: Gartner press release – January 2018


of enterprises face at least one software audit a year

Source: Flexera white paper: The State of the (Software) Estate: Waste Is Running Rampant in Enterprises


of organisations are over licenced due to fear over audits

Source: The ITAM Review article, March, 2016

On-premise and in the cloud, enterprises are on-boarding huge amounts of software every year.

Without the proper control, that means huge risk of non-compliance, or over-licencing.

Optimise your spend to reduce your software costs

with one comprehensive risk prevention platform

AstuteLDM works where the issue of licence risk begins – the moment software enters your estate.

With most SAM tools, you can catch risk at some later date, discovering and eliminating non-compliance that’s been present for months. But why keep even a short window of risk open?

With AstuteLDM working alongside your SAM tools, take a more proactive approach – complete governance, a detailed audit trail, and a consolidated view of your software right through the life-cycle.

AstuteLDM gives you:

Effective risk prevention at the point of purchase and deployment – not months later when you’re already exposed to costly audits and true-ups.

End-to-end governance, visibility, and control so you can make better informed decisions about your software licencing.

Consolidated view of software requests that let you understand the scale of your requirement and increase your bargaining power with vendors.

Unlock the value that’s wasted in spare licences with proactive licence allocation.

Predictive forecasting so you can predict when you’ll grow out of compliance and plan in advance.

Management-level reporting with utilisation, portfolio reports, and cost-savings available at-a-glance.

Close the gap in your SAM process

with effective risk prevention

AstuteLDM isn’t designed to replace your existing SAM tools. It’s there to handle the parts of the software life-cycle that you’re missing, working alongside your SAM tools to bolster your overall compliance efforts.

Don’t just try to mitigate your software non-compliance risk. Eliminate it.

Download the AstuteLDM data sheet now.