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Snow Automation Platform

Increase efficiency and ROI with flexible process automation

Snow Automation Platform Overview

From software and hardware requests to decommissioning cloud resources, Snow Automation Platform takes the manual handling out of thousands of day-to-day Software Asset Management (SAM) tasks.

For IT teams, it’s a way to spend more time focusing on the complex requirements and less time on routine processes. For users, it makes IT more accessible to increase satisfaction and productivity. And for organisations, it’s a powerful way to reduce costs and maximise ROI.

With Snow Automation Platform, you can:

Icon - AutomateAutomate everything in one interface – software, apps and cloud services

Icon - BoostSpeed up software and license delivery to keep users productive

Save the time associated with SAM processes to increase your ROI

Icon - AllocateAllocate resources like licenses according to established, considered policies

It’s a way to make your organisation’s SAM process more streamlined.


Users need software

in more places than ever


of people globally work remotely at least once per week


of employees depend on mobile devices and software to do their jobs


workflow options supported inside Snow Automation Platform

With software in so many places, managing it manually just isn’t fast enough for an increasingly mobile world. Users and managers alike need a more streamlined way to manage and monitor.

Automate your SAM processes

with a single user-centric platform

With Snow Automation Platform, remove the human input from repetitive tasks like provisioning software or approving requests – and give users a fast way to get the software they need, when they need it.

With support for software, hardware, mobile applications and cloud services, Snow Automation Platform brings everything together in one place. When users need to request an internal service or externally-provided software, they always know where to turn. And with every request in the same interface, IT teams can always keep track of licensing, usage, and policy enforcement.

Snow Automation Platform lets you

Automate every SAM process
with built-in support for more than 1,500 workflow options – and new additions all the time.

Speed up hardware and software delivery
with automated approvals and checks against your license position.

Manage your cloud resources
with flexible provision and decommissioning – the scalability the cloud was meant for.

Tailor your own workflows
by assembling or editing Automation Books from our expertly-designed processes.

Drive user buy-in
by bringing your SAM processes into every day and giving users an increased role in optimisation.

Reduce your costs
by eliminating time-consuming manual processes while preventing common issues like licence non-compliance.

An always-growing library of workflows

developed by leading SAM experts

Inside Snow Automation Platform, use ready-to-run Automation Books to get pre-configured workflows for common process and platforms including:

SAM optimization for
Snow License Manager

Mobile optimization for
Snow Device Manager

Cloud IaaS optimization for

Cloud IaaS optimization for
Amazon Web Services

Cloud IaaS optimization for
Google Compute Engine

Cloud SaaS optimization for
Office 365

A proven platform for SAM automation

used by customers worldwide

The right choice.

ICT Manager, Healthcare Industry

Quick deployment with actionable data and great customer service.

Inventory Tools Developer, Media Industry

Smooth implementation and perfect support.

System Administrator, Manufacturing Industry

Take the manual processing out of SAM.

Download the Snow Automation Platform data sheet now.