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Software Asset Management

Software Asset Management is the science of understanding the software you use, making sure it’s appropriately licensed, and finding new ways to optimise your spend.

As businesses use more software, on more devices, in the cloud and on-premise, SAM has become essential. So we’ve selected the products and vendors that are best equipped to help every IT team understand and adopt SAM.

License Manager

Take the cost and complexity out of software licensing with a unified, up-to-date view of your software, licences and usage.

Automation Platform

Save time and money by automating the workflows of managing software, from processing software requests to provisioning and enrolling devices.

Device Manager

Take control of smartphones and tablets with complete Enterprise Mobility Management that’s available on-premise or in the cloud.

Base Managed

Get the advantages of SAM in the cloud without the frustrations of implementing, managing and maintaining it yourself.

Base On-Premise

Let our team of SAM specialists design and deliver your implementation and guarantee best practice.

Professional Review

Get a complete health check for your SAM implementation to see the issues or opportunities you could be missing out on.

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