Control and reduce your
software spend with expert-level insight


Bringing much-needed visibility to your software, Astute Licence Demand Management underpins smarter decision making with every new contract or renewal.

It’s the combination of a consolidated software inventory, insight into current usage, and intelligent, predictive forecasting. So you’ll always know what you need, what you don’t, and your true purchasing power. And never face a costly licence true-up again.

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Get ahead of licence non-compliance and overspend

Stop licensing risk

Bring governance to your procurement workflow to eliminate risk before it enters your business.

Optimise spending

Increase your bargaining power with vendors and stop paying for licences you don’t use or need.

Plan proactively

Use forecasting to anticipate your future demand and plan for the licences you need in advance.

Save time and money

Get the real-time visibility you need to make procurement and renewal quick, easy and cost-effective.

How it works

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AstuteLDM works alongside your SAM tools to prevent risk before it happens. It’s not just optimising and correcting contracts once they exist. It’s proactively stopping non-compliance before it happens.

Andy Batty
Product Manager

Why AstuteLDM?

An award-winning platform, developed by independent specialists in software contracts.

Proven best practice

AstuteLDM is built around workflows that have been tried and tested in pharma, banking and the public sector.

For your entire inventory

AstuteLDM works with all your software – from on-premise applications to SAP, SaaS and cloud packages.

One dashboard

With AstuteLDM, get all the insight you need in a single place – not across multiple tools for different stages of the lifecycle.

A fresh approach to software licensing

Eliminate licensing risk now

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