Let your workforce go mobile
without sacrificing control over your software

Snow Device Manager

An integrated Snow License Management add-on, Snow Device Manager brings the visibility, governance and control you’d expect from Software Asset Management (SAM) to every smartphone, tablet and laptop.

It’s complete Enterprise Mobility Management that makes configuring, managing and securing mobile devices simple. So you can unlock the productivity advantages of mobility in a way that’s safe, cost-controlled and sustainable.

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Manage the entire device lifecycle

Configure remotely

Run over-the-air configuration that provisions devices in-line with your policies and permitted apps.

Work securely

Separate private and corporate data and secure access to your internal systems and information.

Streamline your service desk

Give administrators a way to share settings and apps with your users – and resolve more issues first time.

Take SAM everywhere

Understand how apps are used to eliminate wasted licence costs and right-size your agreements with software vendors.

How it works

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It’s no good if SAM only looks at a small part of your IT. Snow Device Manager is a complete platform for managing mobile devices, whether you provide them, or your employees do.

Andy Batty
Product Manager

Why Snow Device Manager?

Bring mobile device management into your Snow License Management interface.

Integrated management

Combining Snow Device Manager with Snow License Management gives you an unmatched toolbox for app management.

Cover every device

Snow Device Manager can track Windows, iOS and Android phones, tablets and laptops – all the ways your people want to work on the move.

Eliminate non-compliance

Automatically enforce SAM best practice and restrict actions that could trigger increased licence costs or going out of compliance.

Part of Snow License Manager

See how Snow License Manager gives you complete clarity
over your software – and complete control over your spending

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