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Start securing your service accounts today

Service Account Discovery ToolWhile service accounts are notoriously hard to find and secure, automation can dramatically reduce the time and effort involved. With the right technology on your side, there’s really no excuse.

But how do you prioritise your attention? What is your first step towards secure, regularly reviewed service accounts?

Privileged account experts Thycotic can help. With their free Service Account Discovery Tool for Windows, available now, you can immediately audit your Active Directory service accounts and see where you need to take action.

Get your free tool now or read on to see the vital information you could be missing.

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The foundation of secure service accounts

It’s the broken record of cyber security but, as attacks evolve over time, one thing remains true: security starts with visibility. Without a baseline of understanding, strategies are disjointed, budgets sprawl, and attackers exploit the gaps.

When it comes to your service accounts, there are four key areas to consider.

1. What are you trying to secure?
Most organisations don’t know the service accounts they depend on. You need a clear overview of how many Active Directory service accounts you have and where they are across:

  • IIS Application Pools
  • Windows Services
  • Scheduled Tasks

2. Do you really need every service account?
Without a clear process and defined accountability, it’s easy to ignore aged service accounts. But, in many cases, they’re no longer used by your current systems and applications. The only people that need them are your attackers.

3. Are you really enforcing least privilege?
A rule of least privilege means giving every account the access it needs and no more. So, by definition, service accounts that are shared between applications or services don’t meet this requirement. It’s an area of your compliance that’s easily overlooked.

4. Are you applying best practice?
There’s no question that you should regularly expire and rotate the passwords on your end-user accounts. The same is true of every service account. A longstanding password opens you up to persistent breaches and insider threats alike.

Get an instant service account risk snapshot

Thycotic’s Service Account Discovery Tool for Windows gives you an at-a-glance overview of your Active Directory service accounts across these four key areas.

In just a few clicks, you’ll discover:

  • Service accounts and passwords that are no longer used
  • How many account passwords you need to change
  • Shared credentials that breach least privilege policies

So you can start building your plan for better governance – and reduce your risk.

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