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The human impact of cyber security

The impact of a breach on a business is well-established and widely publicised. Regulatory bodies issue fines. Customers lose trust.

But there’s a wider impact of cyber security – not just in the event of a breach, but in our efforts to avoid one in the first place. Being constantly under threat takes its toll on people.

And cyber security teams find themselves struggling to achieve the impossible – without even knowing what success really looks like.

Industry experts Thycotic have just published a new report – the Cyber Security Team’s Guide to Success. It’s a look at the pressure today’s CISOs are under and what other leaders are doing to secure budget and avoid stress.

Download your free copy now or read on to see why it’s vital that CISOs get the support they need.

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For most CISOs, it’s personal

According to Thycotic’s research, security teams find it hard to demonstrate value and get the recognition they deserve from the wider business. What keeps them going is acting as the ‘business bodyguard’ and keeping IT safe from threats.

But while this level of personal investment can be powerful, it becomes a problem when CISOs face growing risks, intense regulatory scrutiny, and a role that rarely fits inside the 9-5.
Almost half (45%) of CISOs say that retaining security teams is hard when long hours and high pressures lead to stress and burnout. This creates a never-ending circle, where a lack of skilled professionals puts teams under even more pressure.

As threats continue to escalate and the security landscape becomes more complex, now is the time to break the cycle – to give CISOs the visibility, control and budget they need to integrate security into the corporate culture.

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The key to maintaining successful, productive and motivated security teams is better communication across your entire organisation.

In the Thycotic report, you’ll see what security teams wish the rest of the business understood, including:

  • Why a compliance checklist isn’t enough to keep you secure
  • The five biggest issues that security teams face when it comes to retention
  • Why missing performance goals so often leads to cuts that weaken security even further

See how other security leaders are setting metrics, managing business alignment and improving their leadership skills.

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