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When you partner with Bromium, you’ll give your customers protection against the threats other technologies don’t cover, including zero-day malware. It’s an always-on layer of security that’s guaranteed to work, no matter the threats they face.

With a radically new approach to cyber security, Bromium is trusted by financial institutions and global superpowers. But what makes micro-virtualised containers so revolutionary is how accessible they are to smaller businesses.

Secure Platform

Disarm every threat to your security with browser tabs, files and emails isolated in their own secure containers.

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When you tell a customer about Bromium, their face lights up. It’s the closest this industry has ever been to a silver bullet.

Lisa Scott
Sales Manager

Why partner with Bromium?

A truly unique proposition

Bromium’s secure containers disarm threats and then destroy them. Every time. It’s a one-of-a-kind in terms of security and simplicity alike.

Automatic adoption

Remove concerns over adoption – Bromium is always-on and doesn’t ask users to change their behaviour.

Lightweight deployment

Bromium’s fast Xen-based micro-VMs are compatible with a huge range of operating systems and devices.

Address the biggest threats

If your customers are worried about zero-day exploits, spear phishing and APTs, Bromium is one of few technologies that can help.

Application Isolation Playbook

Start now with your free download: a reseller’s guide to the threats other technologies miss and your potential revenue from Bromium sales, implementation and ongoing service.

Connecting the channel

From sales support to ready-made, high-performing email and landing page campaigns, we’ll give you everything you need to reach customers and close deals. Because your success is our success –our technical, commercial and marketing expertise is yours to use as your own.

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A game-changer for endpoint security

Micro-VMs launched
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