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from DDoS attacks on any scale

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From small businesses to huge service providers, Corero’s DDoS line-up offers the right appliance for every organisation.

As a Corero reseller, you’ll get access to everything from compact, competitively priced appliances to enterprise-grade protection with 100Gbps throughput. So you can keep your customers online, operational and performing at their best – even if they become a DDoS target.

SmartWall TDS

Eliminate downtime with real-time traffic monitoring and DDoS mitigation in a compact 1-RU form factor.

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Anyone is a potential DDoS target. And that means anyone is a potential customer for cost-effective, capable DDoS protection.

Andy Sherwood
Channel Account Manager

Why start selling Corero SmartWall TDS?

A security essential

Large-scale botnets can be bought in a few clicks. So DDoS attacks are no longer a threat that only big financial institutions and government agencies need to worry about.

High stakes

In our connected world, a DDoS attack could bring your customers to a standstill. Corero removes that risk altogether.

Endless scalability

Corero offers appliances for small business and startups – but can also cover big players like hosting providers and service providers.

Flexible models

Corero resellers get flexible pricing models and deployment options, including managed services for recurring revenue streams.

Real-time DDoS defence datasheet

Start now with your free download: a practical overview of Corero SmartWall TDS and the big benefits you can bring to your customers.

Connecting the channel

From sales support to ready-made, high-performing email and landing page campaigns, we’ll give you everything you need to reach customers and close deals. Because your success is our success –our technical, commercial and marketing expertise is yours to use as your own.

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