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With ease of use and adoption in mind, Hitachi Security Business Group has developed biometrics that are less of a burden on employees.

As a reseller, you’ll give your customers a way to remove the risk of password sharing or breaches – without making life harder for their teams. It’s accurate, individual authentication that’s as simple as showing the palm of your hand.

Hitachi VeinID Five

Remove the frustrations of passwords with quick, easy biometrics for Windows 10, Microsoft 365 and Active Directory.

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Our resellers tell us that adoption is always half the battle. Hitachi VeinID Five makes it incredibly simple by using the webcams that most devices already have.

Lisa Scott
Sales Manager

Why start selling Hitachi VeinID Five?

Low barriers to entry

Hitachi VeinID Five works with any 720p or better camera – so there’s no need for your customers to buy new devices.

A known problem

Password fatigue is something every business has dealt with – and, even when used properly, passwords offer weak security.

A trusted brand

The Hitachi name with a ready-made reputation for innovation. Ideal for building customer confidence.

A proven technology

Hitachi VeinID Five is already used in financial institutions and other security-conscious organisations.

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Connecting the channel

From sales support to ready-made, high-performing email and landing page campaigns, we’ll give you everything you need to reach customers and close deals. Because your success is our success –our technical, commercial and marketing expertise is yours to use as your own.

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