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The specialists in Data-Centric Audit & Protection (DCAP), Lepide already helps organisations save 60 hours per person, per month and reduce the risk of a data breach by 83%.

As a Lepide reseller, you’ll help your customers restrict access to data, monitor it, and uncover the intelligence inside it. So they can improve security, meet the demands of compliance and keep data in the hands of the right people.

Lepide Data Security Platform

Prevent, detect and respond to data breaches and insider threats. All in the same powerful platform.

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Lepide Data Security Platform is a great opportunity for resellers. It’s also a powerful cross-sell if you’re already selling things that focus on endpoints or the wider network.

Laura Hankey
Product Manager

Why start selling Lepide Data Security Platform?

Established demand

Today’s businesses understand the importance of protecting data – and trust a technology that secures from within.

Easy management

With powerful automation and alerting, day-to-day management is refreshingly straightforward for you and your customers.

Built for scale

Lepide Data Security Platform works across on-premise and cloud data, bringing everything together under a single point of control.

Measurable results

With measurable time and money savings, it’s easy to demonstrate why Lepide is a sound investment.

DCAP Playbook

Start now with your free download: a guide to DCAP’s growing popularity, why Lepide Data Security Platform is the ideal answer, and how you can get involved.

Connecting the channel

From sales support to ready-made, high-performing email and landing page campaigns, we’ll give you everything you need to reach customers and close deals. Because your success is our success –our technical, commercial and marketing expertise is yours to use as your own.

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